Bring it Home® Colorado Springs

You probably know that Colorado Springs is famous for its mountain views, abundant sunny weather, and almost year-round hiking opportunities. Did you know that Colorado Springs is also one of the greenest and lushest cities in the country? Therefore, there are so many reasons to explore the beautiful city!

Colorado Springs is great for hikers as it has many amazing hiking trails that are also easily available to everyone. The place is very family-friendly. This is because of the quick accessibility, the numerous options within the expansive trail networks, as well as the well-established hiking trail systems. 

Colorado Springs is also a dog-friendly city, as well, which is great for pet owners. The city allows dogs in most areas, provided they are on a leash. This makes it easy to find an excellent hike where your furry companion can also join you for an amazing adventure.

From Garden of the Gods to Pancake Rock Trails, you will find many well-built hiking trails that end up at a fantastic destination with a gorgeous and sweeping view.

Garden of the Gods Park

The towering and imposing red rock formations of the famous Garden of the Gods create a beautiful and memorable backdrop for this amazing hike located a couple of minutes from downtown Colorado Springs.

Three main trails make up the four-mile loop. These are Ute Trail, Buckskin Charlie Trail, and the challenging Susan Breitag Trail. Did you know that slices of red sandstone beautifully splice through the ground, shooting straight up into the air and resemble the scales of a spiny dinosaur? One of the best parts about hiking at Garden of the Gods Park is that it is easily accessible, right in the middle of Colorado Springs. The location features paved paths that even a wheelchair can cruise through.

The well-maintained paved paths and trails that wind through the gorgeous park make this both a family-friendly and beginner-friendly destination. While access to the huge park is free, finding parking spots can be a challenge. This is why you should consider arriving early, or you can take the free shuttle. And do not forget to bring your smartphone or camera! Moreover, for a bonus, you should time your hike to catch the sunset or sunrise.

Pancake Rocks Trail

Did you know that Pancakes Rocks Trail is an excellent place to get a great look at a natural formation? Curving beautifully along the backside of the famous Pikes Peak, this brilliant trail offers peaks of gorgeous mountains, wildflowers, and whispering aspens.

The great thing is that the forest in the region is unbelievably beautiful and spectacular. In addition, this makes the six-mile hike a point of special interest for both locals and visitors. Also, note that the elevation gain is only shy of 1700 feet, which makes this trail a moderate hike. Therefore, you would like to be in good shape for it.

In the end, you will also find yourself amongst some huge granite formations. These classic rocks tend to look like tasty floppy pancakes covered in maple syrup. Moreover, do not forget to take a full liter of water. This is because the trail is a 6.7 miles round trip.

Fountain Creek Nature Trail

This is another amazing trail. Fountain Creek Nature Trail is an extravagant 1.7-mile loop trail. It is shaded and quite flat with just a 36-foot altitude gain. In addition, this makes it excellent for families and new hikers alike. You can also view marshes, wildlife, streams, and beautiful ponds as you hike these shaded and gentle trails. It is typically not too busy; hence, you can enjoy the beautiful and memorable views of wildlife, marshes, streams, ponds, and wildflowers on the trail, and it is accessible year-round.

Red Rock Canyon

No, we are not talking about the famous concert venue. However, there is another place known as Red Rock Canyon in the city that might not have music, but it certainly has remarkable views. Like Garden of the Gods, this trail features stunning sandstone formations that jut out of the earth. They form amazing, easily walkable, and beautiful labyrinths of canyons.

Also, note that pets on a leash are allowed here. And this makes it a perfect place for exercising with your furry friend. Longer and more difficult hiking trails are also available. You will find them toward the back of the open space if you are looking for something more challenging.

While you walk alongside the wide path, make sure that you look at the walls both on your right and left, as they likely have many climbers enthusiastically scampering up the giant rocks.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

The park is fantastic as it has a combination of trail types, such as rock, dirt, and challenging gravel trails. Note that the hiking trails are simple and of different lengths. Just make sure that you take a lot of water with you because it can get very dry and hot in this park.