This Tuesday consider doing a bit of good for your community by paying it forward for GivingTuesday! Created in 2012 with the idea of encouraging others to do good, GivingTuesday has become a staple event following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Now more than ever, with a year as unprecedented as 2020, so many nonprofits can use the extra assistance in order to maximize the amount of good they can do in their respective communities. Feel good and do good this GivingTuesday!

Here are some ways you can participate::

Donate your time

Schedule yourself to spend some time working with a favorite nonprofit of yours. Whether that’s helping in a local food pantry, volunteering to walk dogs at a local animal shelter, or using a skill of yours to assist, every little bit helps and is appreciated.

Donate financially

Make a direct donation to your favorite nonprofit(s) by visiting their website or mailing in a check! Another great way to give back is to utilize tools like Amazon Smile while doing your holiday shopping so that a portion of the proceeds go back to a great cause.

Donate your skills

Perhaps you’re a graphic designer who can help a small local nonprofit improve their website, a musician who can hold an online concert to raise funds for a PTA, or a gardener who can consult the city on turning an abandoned corner into a community garden, consider how you can utilize your skills to give back to your community!

Donate goods

Plenty of nonprofits and community organizations can benefit from much-needed supplies, from canned goods all the way to clothing and school supplies. Consider rummaging through your closet and/or pantry to find some items you can part with to help a local organization in need.

Spread the word

Utilize social media to bring awareness to causes you care about by sharing and liking posts, or even creating an online fundraiser of your own!