The spring season is certainly upon us; from the pleasant scents of fresh and pretty blooms to birds chirping, it is very nice and pleasing to look forward to some warmth and sunshine. You may know that spring usually means 2 things for most people: it’s time for spring cleaning and renovating to breathe new life into your home.

Although spring cleaning can be a bit of a drag, you should think about all the new and amazing items that you can easily bring into your home after clearing out anything that does not spark joy! It is no secret that the extent of your renovations will usually depend on your budget. 

Did you know that Post-COVID, spending on home décor and renovations is considerably up? This is because people would like their homes to feel very welcoming and cozy.

You have many reasons to look forward to 2021, particularly when it comes to your home. After a terrible year that forced many people to spend a lot more time at home, note that the New Year is a great opportunity to bring creativity and comfort to your living space. 

Note that springtime home décor trends for 2021 are mainly about creating a lovely home that is functional, comfortable, and, more importantly, a reflection of you.

Update Your Paint

Fortunately, updating your paint does not need to be too fancy or anything of the charts, and you will be able to do it on your own. Is your home more about the subtlety? If that is the case, do not make the mistake of going for strong colors only because of the trend. You can simply change the shade instead.  

Did you know that many interior designers are now seeing a renewed interest in various shades of brown, such as warm taupe and even beige? So, if your bedroom was light green, you can now paint it neutral beige.

Germ-Free Home Upgrades

While it may not be one of the most alluring or charming home trends, in a coronavirus-world, it is very relevant. There is no doubt that more people are searching for new ways to make their homes safer and healthier.

This is why design choices and trends that can reduce the spread of bacteria are definitely growing in popularity. This is especially true in many high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen.

You should think of touch-free trash bins and faucets. Also, if you are considering a renovation, you will be happy to know that surfaces, such as non-porous quartz or copper, can help prevent the spread of germs.

Textured Furniture

You should know that textured furniture is an integral part of the ridged renaissance that many surfaces have seen, especially over the past couple of years. It is no secret that wardrobes, cabinets, sideboards, desks, and drawers are now eschewing smooth doors, flat fronts, and level panels in favor of something a bit more decorative and unique, as thin and slat-like grooves gradually take over storage in almost every room of the house.

Light Woods

From unique Scandinavian inspirations, note that light woods will undoubtedly be a trendy material for interiors. People will use this material not just for flooring but to cover walls and ceilings as well.

Go Natural

With considerably fewer places to visit because of the pandemic, bringing the excellent outdoors indoors became one of the biggest trends of 2020. You can expect more of this trend in 2021. If you can come up with a way to bring natural elements into your home, it can be healing and relaxing.

And it can be as easy as rolling up the area rug in your home so that your feet can touch the hardwood. On the other hand, you can sand down your old painted desk in order to reveal its wood.

Eco-Friendly Design is all the Rage

It is no secret that a notable push for more environmentally-friendly choices and habits is considerably affecting how we live – from daily choices to some of life’s most significant milestones. You can see a shift toward more conscious and responsible consumption as people are re-evaluating the impact of their choices.

In recent months, many people have become more aware of how fragile our planet is. This is why they are doing their best to use sustainable and eco-friendly products in their homes.

For many people, that also means using fewer and more sustainable products while keeping a close eye on waste. And this includes reducing plastic in the home, low-waste living, and purchasing second-hand pieces.


As the name suggests, it is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Japandi is a pared-back aesthetic that focuses on simple shapes, natural wood, and rattan. You should know that Japandi style is unique and all about neutral color palettes and sleek lines. Keep in mind that ceramics and stoneware are especially important for this look.

Experiment with Beautiful Wallpaper

It is likely that the wallpaper renaissance will continue this year, in particular maximalist and unique prints inspired by The Queen’s Gambit.

You can choose from hundreds of thousands of textures and patterns, so do not be reluctant to go outside the flamingo and banana-leaf prints that have proliferated on Instagram in the past couple of years.