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Are you ready for some simple and quick spring cleaning and organizing tips that can make those chores much easier? You know that spring is an ideal time to clean your castle. The bright sunlight is eventually pouring in. However, with more daylight hours, those tiny dust bunnies that you may have been effectively hiding will be quite hard to ignore. 

There is no doubt that the change of season brings both organization and cleaning to the forefront of your mind. If the coronavirus has forced you indoors, you have the gift of time.

You can pair that valuable time with these spring cleaning and organizing tips, and you’ve what you need to make your home a place that you will never want to leave. Use these tips and tricks to make your home and yard sparkle again.

Declutter as Much as Possible

The first and most important step to spring cleaning is to declutter each room or space you’ll be cleaning. Note that when you have less space to clean, your job will get easier! Also, it is worth noting that an organized home is usually more attractive and appealing than an overcrowded home.

And that is not all; decluttering gives you a much better idea of what you already have. As a result, you are less inclined to purchase items that you do not need. Use a garbage bag to get rid of anything that you do not need anymore. Note that these things may include old newspapers, dead flowers and plants, magazines, and junk mail.

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

You should spend the week before spring cleaning and organizing to gather all the supplies that you will need. Do you have to visit several stores? If so, plan to hit one store each day during that week.

In contrast, if you are planning in advance, purchase your cleaning supplies when they are on sale and use discount coupons.


Make spring cleaning simpler by thoroughly dusting your home and cleaning or replacing air conditioning as well as heating filters. You should also clean all vents and ducts in order to minimize your exposure to pollens and many other airborne allergens.


It is no secret that spring is also the best time to reassess and organize your pantry. It is best to remove all things from your cabinets and shelves and then wipe down the whole pantry area. You can use a handheld vacuum in order to quickly and effectively clear the shelves of crumbs.

Make Your Cleaning Choices on the Basis of Time

Remember that some of the items on your spring cleaning list may need time that may not be hands-on. For instance, if you will shampoo your carpets, they will need at least one or two days to dry. However, you do not want to worry about avoiding these tasks when you are doing everything else. So, it is best to do them before you do the rest of the cleaning.

Garden Tool Replacement or Repair

To whip your yard and garden into shape, it is always an excellent idea to start the spring season with a tool check in order to replace or repair broken and worn-out yard and garden tools. If you do this, your tools and equipment will be ready when the gardening season comes.

Focus on the Windows

You may know that over the long and harsh winter months, debris such as dirt, pollen, and dust may build up, especially along the window sills. As windows are among the first things that you will see dirt and dust on when it starts to get sunny, it is an essential item on your spring cleaning list.

You should fill one bucket with cool and clean water and a couple of drops of dish soap. After that, use a soft microfiber cloth in order to wipe down your windows thoroughly, top to bottom. It is best to finish this job with a water and vinegar spray.

You should know that cleaning the exterior and interior on a regular basis will not just let more light into the home but also ensure that the windows open and close effortlessly.

Prune Dead Branches from Trees and Shrubs 

You will benefit from looking up valuable pruning guidelines for all your perennial plants, trees, shrubs, and then prune the ones that you should tackle in the spring.

However, you should not trim and shape live branches on any flowering shrubs and trees. This is because they will not bloom well in the spring if you mistakenly cut off living buds.

Switch out Heavy Linens with Light Colors and Fabrics

Now is the best time to put away the fuzzy throws, heavy bedding, and velvet pillows. This will help rid the home of the typical winter feel. You should change your curtains and go with a light, sheer material as it will let in more light.

Another great idea is to add some mirrors, plants, and light wall décor in order to create an airy and open feel for your family and guests.