Bring it Home® Colorado Springs

Colorado is home to many amazing wonders, which also happen to include a handful of home-grown artistic talents. Sadly, not many people of Colorado are aware of the artisanship that resides amongst them. They are similarly unaware of the Colorado Spring’s collectors and jewelers that have the skills to elegantly craft precious metals into wearable items. 

Pikes Peak Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show

The Norris Penrose Event Center is ready to host the Pikes Peak Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show this October. Every year this Expo surrounds a particular theme to make the event more exciting, and this year the theme is going to be turquoise. 

This event sponsors about 50 vendors and provides them a platform to showcase their outstanding craft, and incredible finds. These vendors will not only put up rocks, minerals and gems on display, but they will also fossils in the form clustered rocks and meteorites. 

This expo is very convenient for the locals of Colorado Spring, and also people that happen to in the city. Dropping by will allow you have a great time glancing at exquisitely private collections, partaking in auctions for prized possessions, faceting demonstrations, and more.  

The show will also have plenty of activities for children, and for more ease, the organizers will provide tickets for purchase outside the event venue during the show. Amenities will include a pet-friendly environment, meaning that you can bring your dog as long as it has a leash. 


The payment for the event is only possible through cash, and no other method is viable. The cost for adult visitors is 5 dollars if their age group falls between 18 and 21.  Other members that are 21 and older will have to pay 8 dollars, and children under the age of 12 can enter free of cost.

Location and Timing

The event takes place at Norris Penrose Event Center, which is on the Lower Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs. This show will continue for three days starting at October 1st, and following onwards to the next two days, on the 2nd and 3rd

Faces and Heads

If you like to indulge in paintings that fortify your love for expression, abstraction, and the human psyche, then this art gallery will account for a very memorable time.  It is one of the many art galleries that have set up across Colorado Springs for October Art Month.  To catch a glimpse of these amazing paintings, visit West Gallery, at Kreuser Gallery in the month of October. The dates for this event are, 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8, 9th, 13th, 14th, and 15th.

Handmade In Colorado Expo

If you long to support the local Colorado artists the coming next month, then there is no better place to be, than Handmade in Colorado Expo.  Ever since the ease in lockdown restrictions, events that showcase local talents are coming back. 

It is also important to note that this is the only Art Expo that is exclusive to Colorado crafters and artists.  It allows for them a great opportunity to put their work on display for purchase and get rewarded a decent amount for their honest work. 

This expo is one great example of the state’s efforts towards supporting their home-grown artists. The event is set to happen throughout three weekends, in three different venues. Walking around this expo will expose you to some of the original pieces of art by independent artists of Colorado. The Expo continues in October, on the 2nd and 3rd in Central Park, Boulder

Your Job at Art Exhibitions

The reason for your visit to the art galleries and jewelry show should be to support the artists. You can support them by a number of ways. The best would be financial support, keeping in mind that most of the artwork will be up for grabs for the public to purchase.

However, if nothing strikes your eyes and you are not compelled enough to purchase a specific artwork, then there are other ways you can support the local talent and collectors. Local artists of all kinds crave appreciation and acknowledgement for the work they put into their craft. 

Unfortunately, we live in cruel times where local artists struggle to find a platform or gain a reputable identity within an audience. Hence, art galleries and exhibitions are one of the few platforms for local artists to show case their talent. 

You can simply do them a favor by taking interest in their art, complimenting it, and having a meaningful interaction with the artist.  Nonetheless, you can still expect to come across wonderful and irresistible artworks and items at these expos.