Bring it Home® Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is famous for its various annual festivals. Whether it’s the yearly Labor Day lift-off, pumpkin patch celebration, Oktoberfest, or any other event, there is never a dull moment in this city. It is a significant reason why people from different walks of life visit this city. Some of these individuals even relocate here, proving that Colorado Springs is indeed a welcoming and hospitable city.

Heritage festivals are quite popular in the United States. The inaugural heritage festival happened during the 1980s where several orchestras, bands, choirs, and other musical ensembles showcased their skills to a massive live audience. Heritage festivals are not exclusive to the United States – different countries have their versions of this event to showcase their history, legacy, and culture.

Colorado Springs also hosts an annual heritage festival. The city’s scenic beauty, incredible spring weather, and other historical attractions make this particular event different from tons of others held in the United States.  Gaze at the famous red rocks in the Garden of the Gods, explore well-preserved historic structures, savor the otherworldly view from the Pike Peak summit and enjoy delicious meals at various cliff dwellings in Colorado Springs.

A Festival full of Adventures

The heritage festival in Colorado Springs lasts for three days (sometimes more.) Once you arrive at the event’s locations, the organizers will take you to the Royal Gorge Bridge. While going to see this structure is optional, you owe yourself to gaze upon it because of its unparalleled beauty. For those who don’t know, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the world’s largest suspension bridge.

There is a massive park surrounding this bridge (more than 360 acres), and it provides several scenic overlooks. You can also ride an incredibly steep incline railway to the canyon’s bottom or glide the bridge using an aerial tramway.

People often visit the famous Fargo’s pizza place after returning from the Royal Gorge Bridge. The parlor is famous for its tasty pizza and live entertainment.

Live Performances

The first day of Colorado Springs’ heritage festival is full of live performances. Once you reach the concert venue, the team will rehearse in a private room followed by an on-stage performance for fifteen to twenty minutes. A panel of judges will provide recorded and written feedback for every performance. You’d be surprised to see how many people participate in these musical performances. Sure, you might get some stage fright, but the process is quite entertaining and memorable.

Cliff Dwellings in Manitou

Take a peek at the ancient cliff dwellings at Manitou Springs, and while you are there, try checking out the melodrama dinner theater as well. You don’t need to have a refined taste in arts to appreciate this theater as the awe-inspiring performances there can make anyone’s jaw drop.

Return to the city for an enjoyable night full of laughs and foods. The family-style dinner, in particular, will fill you with joy. Your team will enjoy a palatable dinner while witnessing a live comedy melodrama, comedy sketches, and dances.

Festivities and Awards

The festival performances continue until day three. If you are thinking about performing, it would be best to inform the organizer a month earlier. They will plan your performance day accordingly, ensuring that you get adequate preparation time. You can also bring multiple ensembles to the heritage festival in Colorado Springs. Once again, don’t forget to inform this to your organizer a month before the event.

After every group performs on stage, the judges will band together and decide the awards’ recipients. They recognize bands, orchestras, and choirs by scoring them according to their performances and giving a prestigious award to the group with the most outstanding performance.


The fourth (and sometimes third) day is all about the departure. Sure, you can stay at the event location for an extra day, but it would be best to inform your group and the hosts about it.

A Highly Organized Annual Festival

Unlike several other festivals in Colorado Springs, this one is incredibly organized. The adjudicators judging the contest are highly experienced and will provide your positive and constructive criticism for your performance, both orally and in writing. The event also has a mini-clinic, ensuring there is first aid for people requiring emergency treatments.

The organizers arrange excellent hotel accommodations for participants coming from other areas. You can stay in some of Colorado Spring’s best hotels, ensuring that you have all the amenities to have a relaxing and enjoyable time. 

Everyone is a winner at the Colorado annual heritage festival as each student receives a commemorative gift for their performance. You can also see your team perform digitally and share the event’s pictures and videos as several professionals document this festival on camera.

The Heritage Festival in Colorado Springs truly brings this city’s community together, providing people an opportunity to learn about its history, culture, and tradition while giving them a platform to express their musical talents.

The festival is scheduled for April 21-24, 2021.