With cold weather upon us, it is essential to keep a rotating roster of some winter recipes to warm you up. There is no doubt that when it gets incredibly cold outside, you really want to stay inside. You also want to cuddle up and eat or drink something that is hot, filling, and even a little spicy. We are talking rich, spicy, and aromatic chicken tikka masala over rice and soups as inviting as a cashmere sweater.

Everyone loves a big, delicious heaping plate of winter comfort food. You can satisfy your cravings for hearty and delicious meals with these amazing winter comfort foods.

Breakfast Wild Rice

Are you looking for a tasty and nutritious breakfast? You will not go wrong with steaming wild rice topped with maple syrup, toasted pecans, milk or half-and-half, and a delicious dab of butter.

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

It is worth noting that the dairy-free vegan pasta eschews gluten, cream, and eggs. However, keep in mind that it still manages to taste decadent. Note that gluten-free brown rice noodles, paired with mushrooms and a cashew Alfredo sauce, combine to form a hearty and indulgent dish for all your comfort food cravings, regardless of your dietary preference.

Chicken Paprikash

Did you know that slow-cooked onion and Rosemary produce a savory-sweet and tasty base for Chicken Paprikash? If you prefer a tangier finish, you can stir one shot of fermented-pickle brine into your sauce.

Chickpea Curry with Rice

It is no secret that curry is fantastic, and it is also easy to warm up to. It supplies plenty of antioxidants from the several spices it has, which also double as calorie-free flavor boosters.

As a result, you can easily skip the heavy-hand of oil and butter. The great thing is that chickpeas and coconut milk meld for a creamy and hearty vegan curry that will come together in no time.

Hot and Sour Soup with Noodles

There is no doubt that some people gravitate toward more neutral tastes, especially when it comes to comfort food. On the other hand, some crave the bold, warming, and inviting heat of chili.

 You can make hot and sour soup, a popular take-out staple, at home, nourishing your body as well as the soul with a rich and delicious protein-packed broth. Note that this winter dinner is perfect when you are under the weather. However, it will satisfy you any day of the week.

Mini Fish Pies

Mini fish pie is great as it combines a mix of seafood with family dinners and is an essential comfort food for the winter. It is best served with a light salad and excellent company.

Mac and Cheese

You can add not one, not 2, but 3 types of cheese to this decadent and fulfilling macaroni and cheese dish. This makes it the ultimate creamy comfort food dish for the winter. Experts add complexity, cheddar cheese gives this dish a sharp tang, while American cheese—do not turn up your nose— helps bring that melty, gooey, yummy, and extra-cheesiness that we all love. It is worth noting that rather than béchamel sauce, you can also use some evaporated milk in order to thicken the Mac and cheese.

Tofu Chili with Avocado Salad

There is no doubt that few things are more comforting and tastier than a big bowl of chili. You can make the meal lighter and more suitable for your vegetarian pals while pleasing omnivores by simply replacing beef with some tofu. Also, rather than sour cream, opt for the healthy fiber and fats in a creamy, satisfying and tasty chili topper that skips the dairy.

Red Lentil Squash Soup with Lemon

Are you looking for something healthy and hearty? Note that the velvety red lentil soup will soothe and satisfy you with extra fresh vegetables as well as a little zing of heat.

You will love the soup as it combines lentils, carrots, and butternut squash with a lot of spices, harissa paste, and fresh ginger for layered flavor. We also promise that it is worth the extra step to transfer the soup to your blender in order to get a silky consistency.

Pot Roast

Do you want to try pot roast with a little Tuscan zest? Note that a longer simmer in a slow cooker with tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, and wine will give your pot roast some Tuscan zest that you will love.