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There is always something to look forward to at Colorado Springs. The city celebrates various events every year, and most of them are an essential part of its tradition and history. However, Colorado Spring’s festivals are not limited to local traditions as the city also shows its appreciation for other celebrations. Are you a fan of Oktoberfest?

For those who don’t know, Oktoberfest is an annual festival that takes place in Munich. What’s most impressive about this event is that the festivities happen for two weeks, ending on October’s first Sunday. The inaugural Oktoberfest happened during the early 1800s to celebrate King Louis, Bavaria’s crown prince’s wedding. Initially, the festival wrapped up within five days, ending with a horse racing event.

The event’s organizers modified Oktoberfest in the subsequent years, combining the horse race with the annual agricultural fair. They also introduced food and drink booths to entertain thousands of people. These booths were converted into massive beer halls with bandstands and balconies by the twentieth century. You’d be shocked to learn that the brewers in Munich host more than six thousand people every year, a significant reason behind this event’s increasing global popularity.

Oktoberfest in Colorado

With Colorado’s history of hosting various festivals, it only made sense that the state also celebrated Oktoberfest. The event takes place in late September and ends during the first week of October. Locals and tourists gather in thousands to celebrate this German festival, claiming German heritage for its duration.

The residents of Colorado Springs, in particular, are quite fond of Oktoberfest. People celebrate this event with their friends and family members. Like Munich and other parts of Germany, Oktoberfest’s festivities happen in different areas. As the event gets more popular in Colorado Springs, more and more places host these events in public parks and famous breweries.

Colorado Springs is fast becoming a global traveling center because of its various celebrations each year. The city celebrates festivals from various cultures, and Germany’s Oktoberfest is arguably the most notable one. As mentioned earlier, Bavaria has been celebrating Oktoberfest for more than two centuries, bringing together millions of people for all-out entertainment with food, and most importantly, beer. 

The first Oktoberfest in Colorado Springs happened in 2011. Various organizers decided to show Colorado Spring’s rendition of this renowned German festival, and the results were amazing. Hordes of people banded together to celebrate this two-week long festival and had the time of their lives. That said, not every Oktoberfest celebration in Colorado Springs lasts for two weeks – some of them even end within a couple of days.

Furthermore, most events charge little to no admission fee – however, you will need to pay for food, assorted beers, and endure other expenses.

An Annual Tradition withEndless Entertainment

You will find a barrage of entertaining activities in Colorado Spring’s Oktoberfest. Sure, chugging down beer is a given, but you will also get to enjoy live music, dance-offs, family-friendly games, and more. It would be fair to say that you will have no dull moments during this festival and once it is over, you will have other events to look forward to in Colorado Springs.

The people in Colorado Springs respect Germany’s tradition and ensure that this festival resembles the actual festival. Sure, you may find some minor modifications, but the original theme of Munich’s Oktoberfest will be more than prevalent. The incredible event in Colorado Springs includes German music, foods, and bands. You can also choose from a wide variety of German and assorted bears during this festival.

Some organizers also allow Coloradans to become vendors. You’d be surprised to see how many people submit vendor forms to become a part of this annual festival. However, you will need to apply weeks or even months in advance as approval takes time.

Things to look forward to at the Oktoberfest in Colorado Springs

If you have been celebrating this event, you will know that Coloradans love the stein packages. All you need to do is pay a lump sum fee, and you will get a package, including music, beer, and other entertainment, ensuring you get an incredible discount and an enjoyable Oktoberfest experience.

You can also try something unique by attending the German wine tour. It includes a carefully chosen selection of authentic wine from Germany. Tons of people attend this tour, and rest assured, it is a fun time!

Like the original event in Germany, Colorado Spring’s Oktoberfest also hosts a costume contest with dogs. Yes, you can dress your dog as a wiener and send it on stage while you fight for first place in the hotdog eating and beer chugging contests. The event truly embodies the celebratory and competitive spirit of Germany, providing Coloradans a must-attend annual festival.

With many activities, the Oktoberfest in Colorado Springs proves that it can hold its own against various well-recognized events. You don’t need to be a beer drinker to enjoy this celebration as there are tons of other fun things you can do to have a great time.