Bring it Home® Colorado Springs

Colorado is one of the most eventful states of the U.S. Coloradans have a plethora of events to look forward to every year – a significant reason why families have been living here for ages. Colorado Springs is one of this state’s most popular cities.

It welcomes people from different parts of the world – most of them come to enjoy their vacations, and in some cases, people even migrate. It shows the pleasant and welcoming nature of Colorado Springs and why it is indeed one of the most family-friendly cities in the state of Colorado.

If you don’t know much about Colorado Springs, you might be wondering what type of events this city hosts. Well, there are loads of them. There is never a dull moment in the life of a Coloradan – every day is as eventful as the previous one, and there is no shortage of entertaining festivals and events in this city.

However, there is one particular event that Coloradans look forward to the most: the Colorado Springs Labor Day lift-off.

A Historic Event

You’d be shocked to learn that the Colorado Springs Labor Day lift-off has been happening for more than forty years. For those who don’t know, this event has been a mainstay in Colorado Spring’s history. Balloon enthusiasts from different parts of the United States gather at pre-determined locations and launch various stunning, visually pleasing, contraptions into the sky.

What’s most impressive about this event is that everything is incredibly colorful. Whether it is the balloons, the people, stalls, or the decoration, everything will remind you why this event is so important for this city’s inhabitants. There are no age restrictions for this festival as you will see people of all age groups, belonging to different walks of life participating.

Formerly known as the Colorado balloon classic, the inaugural Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff took place in 1977’s Labor Day. People gather at the famous Prospect Lake to enjoy this yearly event. As mentioned earlier, this event has been a mainstay since its inauguration and takes place on the labor day, as its name implies.

It is one of the longest-running festivals in Colorado and will continue to bring people together every year. The event’s fortieth anniversary happened in 2016, where people witnessed numerous aesthetically pleasing hot air balloons launched into the air.

Entertainment Galore

Have you been to a city where you can see more than fifty stunning hot air balloons launched into the sky? If the answer is no, you owe yourself a trip to Colorado Springs. To the say sight is amazing, would be a massive understatement. Why? Because it is much more! Sure, it is a rare visual spectacle, but it also shows the unity and unmatched hospitality of Colorado Spring’s residents.

As mentioned earlier, the balloons are this event’s main attraction, and you will find tons of colorful, pop culture themed hot air balloons in different sizes and shapes. That said, the hot air balloons are not the only things to look forward to at the Colorado Springs labors day lift off.

Why? Because this entertaining family-friendly event is full of variety, ensuring children and adults can enjoy it. You will find live entertainment, paddle boarding, skydiving demonstrations, live music, dancing, beer gardens, lucky draws, etc.

One of the Most Anticipated Events in the United States

Historically, this event is one of the most sought after and anticipated celebrations in the United States. Vendors, balloonists, tourists, from different states, especially Colorado, participate in the Colorado Labor Day Lift-off, ensuring this great tradition stays alive.

Unlike many other festivals, this one is free of cost to the public. Residents coming from cities other than Colorado Springs can also join without any entry fee. The hot air balloon inflation and launch session is the part that audiences look forward to the most. There are also elaborate balloon glowing sessions where the hot air balloons illuminate once they reach a particular height. The visual is incredibly spectacular and leaves people in awe even if they have seen it tons of times before.

Will the Event Happen in 2020?

There have been tons of rumors and speculations about whether this year’s event will continue as usual. Some individuals even suggested that officials might cancel it due to the rapid increase of coronavirus cases. However, the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift-Off organizers announced that this year’s festival would indeed happen but with several modifications to prevent the outbreak from spreading. They stated that field activities, lake events, and the annual donut eating contest would not happen this year.

However, people will still get to witness the beautiful hot air balloons in all their glory. Of course, it will not be the same as enjoying the event up close, but it is better than canceling it. The decision to continue this four-decade-long tradition alive despite the outbreak is a commendable one and shows that the people in Colorado Springs stick together during good and harsh times.