Bring it Home® Colorado Springs

You may know that Colorado has an abundance of managed and wild places, and there is no doubt that the Centennial State is excellent in the parks department.  While Colorado Springs might be cold during the winter, note that the other seasons are very beautiful. You can see the leaves fall, flowers bloom and bask in the bright sun on a clear and sunny day.

Colorado Springs has everything from community to city parks. And you will easily find an excellent place to explore and enjoy this sprawling and expansive city. Parks and playgrounds are the ideal places to appreciate the weather while participating in some fun activities with your friends or family. 

So, whether you are in the lovely Colorado Springs for work or play, note that you will not regret visiting one or more of these incredible and lovely parks.

Ute Valley Park

Situated at 1705 Vindicator Drive, Ute Valley Park in Colorado Springs is amazing. This is because it is home to a diverse and wide array of wildlife, archeological and geological formations, as well as an extensive network of amazing hiking trails, which can rival most of the other parks in Colorado Springs. You will love the hogback formations, which are a sight to behold and are easily recognizable from almost anywhere in town.

Lake Pueblo State Park

Want to beat the heat? You will love this state park as it is all about water. While Pueblo Park tends to be a bit hotter than the surrounding areas, note that out on the cool reservoir, you will not even notice it, which is great.  And it is worth mentioning that the stunning public beach is an excellent place to relax and also bring your little ones.

You can easily stay cool with a few quick dips even on those hundred-degree days as there are plenty of water activities that you can engage in. Did you know that Lake Pueblo offers more than 4,600 acres of water, about 10,000 acres of land, and sixty miles of shoreline? And that is not all; it is also an ideal fishing spot.

America the Beautiful Park

You will like this huge expanse as it incorporates many places to play and run with a cleverly designed playground. There is also a big wading pool topped by an impressive sculpture that frames amazing views of the famous Pikes Peak. The park also includes spinner bowls, hammocks, and turntables that will provide “out of this world” fun and entertainment for people who come here to enjoy.  

You will also find interactive pieces of art known as Quirks, and they inhabit one side of the lovely playground. Want more fun? ‘America the Beautiful Park’ also provides horseback riding trails, fountain, interpretive signage, and even pavilions.

Palmer Park

You may have heard of Palmer Park. It is the most fabulous and gorgeous park right in the center of Colorado Springs. The park offers incredible and breathtaking views of Pikes Peak as well as the foothills, which is amazing.  

Not only will you find hiking trails and biking trails to trek, the park also has soccer and baseball fields for practicing athletics. The park also boasts horse stables to catch a fun trail ride, an amazing botanical reserve for you to explore the natural wildlife, and even a nice dog park for your furry pals. The park also has picnic areas, which include some large groups with comfy reservation shelters- Meadows, Lazyland, and Youth Camp are there.

Castlewood Canyon State Park

Did you know that this unique and gorgeous park protects an integral part of Colorado’s rich history? You will be able to see the remnants of the historic Castlewood Dam. Note that this dam burst in 1933 and sent Cherry Creek into a fifteen-foot wall of water which flooded downtown Denver. 

Keep in mind that the park, as well as the canyon, is neatly tucked away along State Highway 83. Also, its distinct geologic formations are impressive enough to draw city dwellers and tourists looking for a relatively quiet and quick escape into nature. You will like that during the summer this park also has one of the biggest populations of the giant birds in Colorado, which is impressive.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is another amazing spot with a 196-acre public park in the city, accessible through South Union Boulevard. It is also known as Memorial Community Park. Memorial Park also has a nice aquatic center, a big ice skating center, the bicycle velodrome, basketball courts, sand volleyball, and several multi-use sports fields. 

Did you know that this park has been the famous site of the annual Rocky Mountains’ biggest balloon festival since 1977? The festival is held every year over the Labor Day weekend. You will also find an outdoor swimming pool, which is open throughout the summer. The pool offers swimming, boating, and fishing opportunities.