Are you looking to visit the best museums in Colorado Springs? We have you covered. Colorado Springs, with its rich history, has a surprisingly high number of museums that all offer you something fun and unique. Also, it is worth noting that the amount of culture and history packed into Colorado Springs may even surprise its long-time residents. 

Did you know that there are more than 30 museums in the Pikes Peak region? And many are dedicated to the colorful and long history of the city. Regardless of the type of interests that you have, there is definitely a museum for you.

Note that there are both nationally recognized museums as well as some of the most unique and amazing, like the May Natural History Museum where you will see the largest collection of insects and bugs.

May Natural History Museum

Did you know that the May Natural History Museum is also called Colorado Springs Bug Museum? This museum has the largest private collection of insects and bugs in the world, which is amazing. Just think of an insect or bug, and the May Natural History Museum will probably have it on display. 

The museum has more than 7,000 different species of butterflies, spiders, and beetles in a nice environment that is excellent for anybody with a wish to see something new and exciting. This also makes it a great spot for your children who are ready to do some exploration.

The museum is located south of Colorado Springs off of Highway 115 and is an excellent spot for field dreams or anybody looking to be impressed and fascinated by the sheer diversity of many bugs and insects here.

The Penrose Heritage Museum

The Penrose Heritage Museum houses an extensive and unique collection of 13 motorized vehicles along with 31 horse-drawn carriages. Also, it is worth noting that a large number of these carriages belonged to Julie and Spencer Penrose.

And note that the collection also includes a 1928 Cadillac limousine, a 1906 Renault, and 3 1920’s vehicles from the historic Pike Peak Auto Hill Climb race.

You will also find tons of Western cultural artifacts, like saddles and Native American antiques. Among the many amazing exhibits at this museum are 2 of the important presidential carriages that Chester A. Arthur and William Henry Harrison used.

Ghost Town Museum

You may have heard of the Ghost Town Museum. This is because it is an ideal place for a lot of different reasons. You will love taking your children to the Ghost Town Museum as there are a lot of hands-on activities for them to engage in, like learning how to expertly pan for gold as well as walking through an old and traditional Pikes Peak Region town that is complete with artifacts and authentic buildings sure to impress and fascinate anybody interested in the vibrant history of the Colorado Springs as well as Pikes Peak Region.

You can also watch a brief film detailing the history of the town and sip on a cool drink in the saloon. And this is an excellent place for families, kids, and students. Did you know that the Ghost Town Museum is also an ideal place to host your next event?

Space Foundation Discovery Center

Note that the best thing about the Space Foundation Discovery Center is that it covers all intellectual bases, such as science, engineering, technology, art, and mathematics.  This was the first space, technology, and science museum in the region and is ideal for families and kids. 

The organization also considers itself to be an innovator and leader in space education and awareness. Their strategic plan is to become the world’s leading organization dedicated to advocacy and education around the space community.

ANA Money Museum

You may have heard of the Money Museum. This is because it is home to America’s biggest and most extensive collections of tokens, coins, and paper money. The museum is set against the sprawling and beautiful Colorado College campus, making it a unique and exciting treat to visit.

The Money Museum was founded by the prestigious American Numismatic Association (ANA). The association is dedicated to encouraging and educating the public, and it urges people to collect and study coins.  

You can learn about the long history of money at this museum in a massive exhibit. This exhibit shows the timeline of money from ancient shells to modern debit cards. You can also see the way money was made during the Renaissance era on the Mini-Mint, an excellent working display of the art of coin minting.

Dr. Lester Williams Fire Museum

This is another great spot for history buffs. Note that Dr. Lester Williams Fire Museum is located within the famous Fire Operations Training Center in the city. You will find equipment and artifacts from throughout the exciting history of firefighting on display in this amazing museum.

The best thing is that there are no costs of admission. Among the many items on display in this museum is a historic Ahrens-Fox Pumper vehicle, a combination and traditional hose wagon from 1896, and many historical photographs and documents.