There is nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning and grabbing some delicious brunch. As a food city, it may still be reasonable to label Colorado Springs as “up and coming.” However, note that if you are talking breakfast and brunch, the city has it down.

Fancy sampling the best breakfast and brunch in America? You have to head to Colorado Springs. From basil waffles and crab Bennies to classic steak and eggs, Colorado Springs has something for everyone. And note that like almost everything else in Colorado, breakfast and brunch in Colorado Springs are creative and trendy, which is great. And, did you know that some spots even offer dazzling views of the amazing Rocky Mountains.

Here are some of the best breakfast and brunch spots throughout Colorado Springs.

Urban Egg

Urban Egg was formerly known as Over Easy and is a long-time community favorite. The restaurant continues to expand and open new locations in the city. Did you know that the breakfast and brunch at this spot is the highest rated in Colorado Springs? The owners of Urban Egg have hit the sweet spot when it comes to breakfast and brunch.  You will have to wait, but it is worth it.  

You can try the huevos rancheros as it is super good! Also, note that their biscuits and gravy are among the best in Colorado Springs, and the eggs Benedict options are both flavorful and unique. You can also treat yourself to the build-your-own and unique Bloody Mary bar.

Motif Jazz Café

There is no doubt that Sunday mornings are the best time to relax, eat, and put on some excellent music. And what is even better is listening to live music: we welcome you to Jazz Brunch at the newly-opened and amazing Motif Jazz Cafe.

Set to sounds of relaxing and soothing jazz in the background and elegantly paired with some of the best eats in Colorado Springs, this is one of the best breakfast and brunch spots in the city.

If you are a local and like the old and traditional Motif in Colorado City, note that word on the street is that this one is way better. You will be treated with a formal breakfast and brunch experience. Also, keep in mind that your $30 brunch includes a sumptuous three-course menu every Sunday. 

Urban Steam

Waffles, espresso, and whiskey! Can you really ask for more? You can stop by 1025 S. Sierra Madre Street to hit up Urban Steam. It is an excellent cocktail bar and brunch and breakfast spot in the city, which offers tea, coffee, and more.

Did you know that amazing and unique custom waffles are what make Urban Steam so popular in Colorado Springs? For instance, they serve a tasty cornmeal waffle with eggs and ham, and you will love it.

You can also try the Caprese, a fantastic basil pesto waffle on yummy and fresh spinach topped with mozzarella, tomatoes, and olive tapenade.  Simply put, everything at Urban Steam is bursting with flavor and certainly worth a try.

Sandy’s Restaurant

Before you try anything else, get the amazing Cinnamon Roll at Sandy’s Restaurant, and wait and see if you’re still hungry afterwards. While this small-town diner might look a little run down from the outside, keep in mind that inside, the talented cooks prepare amazing, big cinnamon rolls that you cannot miss out on. The diner also offers a wide variety of breakfast classics.

Peak Place

This is another amazing breakfast and brunch spot. And any Colorado Springs-native will definitely tell you to sample the tasty brunch at Peak Place. This is because not only does the restaurant serve some of the most delicious coffee in Colorado, but its brunch menu is delightfully expansive and creative. You can order a few bottomless mimosas to satisfy your cravings.

The Margarita at Pine Creek

The best thing about the Margarita at Pine Creek is that it serves a wonderful and yummy brunch in an excellent environment. Also, it is worth noting that the amazing staff at Margarita makes sure that you have a great time. So, you can do them a little favor by ordering one of their fantastic breakfast cocktails. You will not regret it.

You will also like the Bacon Bloody Mary. It is carefully made with bacon-infused vodka and spicy tomato juice with a crispy and yummy strip on top. Note that all dishes are elegantly served with a piece of Margarita’s crumbly and moist coffee cake.

Omelets Etc

You may have heard of Omelets Etc. It is a pleasant and cool breakfast spot with a contemporary interior as well as a welcoming ambiance that serves hearty and delicious breakfasts and many other diner favorites.

The restaurant boasts a menu of some classic breakfast dishes as well as blackboard specials and is renowned for its enormous and fluffy omelets. These omelets come with packed with several fillings, like onions, chorizo, and chili strips (Mexican omelet), mushrooms, steak, and green peppers (spicy steak omelet) or onions, green peppers, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes (veggie lover’s omelet).